Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's Official. How Official? THIS Official!

You see that? That's a big box packed full of clothes, a towel, and a French press.¹ It's addressed to me, heading to Atascadero. It's in the back of my car, and I'm gonna eat dinner, then go put postage on it.

I might be able to do a whole second box, tonight, too. My room empties out, and rather than filling me with emptiness, it fills me with excitement. All I gotta do is get through this week, and I'm home.

Also, fantastic news, we got the perfect couches for our house. Cassandra and I have been looking at this style couch for a few years now, and not one but two popped up on Craigslist. Actually, it's one ad for a couch and loveseat. We got both.

Here's the ad; oh, and the photo is the one from the ad, too:
Brand New!!!!! Nice little micro fiber couch and loveseat set for sale. microfiber construction, tan color, and wooden legs .... The couch is in the picture, the love seat is still boxed up. Everything is brand new. The set is compact, which is nice because it fits great in smaller rooms.

Yes. Perfect. I want to go home and nest.

Or maybe not nest. Maybe drink, instead. Fortunately, we've got an awesome little liquor cabinet in the counter.

No liquor yet, though. I s'pose that's ok because I'm not there yet, either, and I have booze.

Was talking to Cassandra while I shot this picture.

Alright, well, I guess that's that. Cassandra's driving the couches to our new house as I type this. Pretty heady stuff. I envy me. Except I have to do laundry, and it stinks to high heaven outside my door. Oh, well. Friday, and I can burn the place down and murder all the occupants.²
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
1: I regret not taking a photo of the press. I got it for $2.99 at the local goodwill. It just happens to be a Bodum Bistro Nouveau, which if you buy it new from the website, is $25. Anyone want a very nice, gently used French press for $10? I might be able to hook you up. 
2: I wont actually murder anybody or burn it down. But I will think about it in the privacy of my weird little mind. And there's no thought police yet, right?


  1. Our couches are perfect for us. I'm going to make pillows and get a throw blanket or two to add color to the room. The best part about them is that they are neutral, so when I get bored with the color of the living room all I have to do is order new prints and recover the pillows, and viola! new living room. :)
    I'm so excited to be able to touch you in two days. Six weeks is much too long to go without touching your spouse. I could never be an army wife.

  2. You guys have too many martini glasses. You could have martinis for 2 months without ever having to wash a glass.