Saturday, October 9, 2010

One More Week!

I'm counting the days.

Today is Saturday. Friday's my last day at work. That same Friday, Cassandra flies in. Saturday, Cassandra and I begin the drive back to San Luis Obispo.

I'm not counting days, I'm counting hours.

Oh, and Cassandra secured an apartment for us! It's right near the Atascadero library. And while small, we're creative and will be using the might of Ikea and the Container Store to make things work well.

Where I live now. In a week.

For all of that, there's a lot I'll miss about Denver. I like that it's a big city, yet traffic is only horrible at rush hour. It feels like regardless of where I'm at or where I'm going, I'm really not that far away.

Then there's the people. Criminy. I am privileged to work with some of the highest quality, most interesting, lovely people in the world. I'm not going to get specific for fear of forgetting. Suffice it to say they're smart, funny, fun, and simply high quality people. It'll be hard to walk away from them. I've never enjoyed a group of people like this ever before. You'll be missed and regretted.

Some of those wonderful people
Speaking of good people, Friday night, I went out with most of them. We enjoyed a lot of beer and appetizer food and the worst margarita of all time. Then a smaller group of us went to what might be the worst bar on earth. The small, low, round tables were surrounded with chairs on wheels, upholstered in brown non-leather, and with wheels. The celling had weird cigarette smoke removers. I swear, the place was right out of 1976, and hadn't changed since.

Still, the kareoke was a blast. I did the Joey Ramone version of What a Wonderful World, then later, Alice Cooper's Be My Lover. Dave and I spent the rest of the night harassing singers, yelling and cheering, and generally having a rowdy good time.

Today, Saturday, I did a few errands. Went to Kinko's FedEx Office to scan my ID, and since there was a haircutting place right there, got my hair cut.

New haircut, same as the old haircut.

This photo was taken at Lowes, where I got a very cheap curtain rod. It's called a cafe rod, and the three brackets, six screws, and up to 84-inch rod was less than $5 after tax. I used it to finally make my curtains hang right. I could have left the string between two nails version, but I have this "leave it better than you found it" policy. So even though my house is an unholy dump and the kitchen poisonous, I couldn't put up badass curtains my wife made, and leave the stupid string.

Not perfect, of course, but I found the $5 kit just after I'd decided to get brackets and a stick of conduit. I'm spending this evening working on laundry, general cleaning, and enjoying my straight, properly hung curtains. And browsing


  1. Ahhhh I'll be so happy when you are finally back home! You have a lot of happy times to make up for all the crap you've been going through lately!!


  2. Really? You're going to leave the curtains? I hope the next occupant is not a black-toothed person who is dirty. I hope they appreciate the pretty curtains.

    It will be very good to have you home again. In another house. But really, I'm so glad you guys aren't moving to Colorado.

    5 more days till Cass gets there!

  3. I wish I could have sang "Be my lover" with you.