Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Creig in Atascadero (Right Where I Belong)

Cassandra did indeed fly out to Colorado, we did indeed drive 1,150 miles home. We do indeed have a lovely little apartment near the library. I kept Jaylyn home Monday to reconnect and to help move. It was a great choice.

You know, I missed them in a way you simply cannot understand until you've pledged your life to somebody else. My life isn't my own any more, when living my life without the people I'm living it for is unbearable.

There was a time (when I was seventeen and had the whole world figured out) I never would have believed this could happen to me. A time I believed I'd never live for anybody but me. Now I can't can imagine a life without my wife and daughter; I've lived it, and it's horrible.

I'm glad to be back in Atascadero. I got to kiss my parents, hug Blaine, and I'm gonna see my brother and his wife Saturday. It's wonderful to make plans with my family. I haven't even seen my brother yet, but I know I get to see him in a couple days. I'm relaxed about it. I'm sort of basking in just knowing I've got plans to see him. It's a fantastic feeling.

I met a lot of really fun, wonderful, high-quality people in Colorado. I'll miss them. I got to work for a really cool company that provides a really cool, really high-quality service and help them run at full capacity on day one of resuming business. I'll miss the people, I'll miss the company, I'll miss the job.

I'm here in Atascadero again, with my family and friends, looking forward to the next steps, the next chapter, in my family's life. And it's with that in mind that I'm closing down this blog. It was a huge help to keep my head on straight (well, most of the time), and a fun way to communicate without spamming people who didn't want it.

Visit my regular website instead. I'll keep updating that one.


  1. Hey, that's my yard. I thought you guys moved. :) Go home!

  2. SO GLAD TO HAVE YOU BACK!!!! Let's get together soon.... :-)